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Monday, April 8, 2013



Beauty is a tree - or a simple leaf with
its miracle of design...a hill fringed
with jade or bloom of columbine... Beauty
is a mountain of clean wind or a tumble-
weed, traveling free... a dew-spangled
cobweb or toil of a honeybee... Beauty
is rain, fresh from a laughing sky - or
silence, deep with untrodden snows where
frozen rivers sigh...Beauty is a chapel
with stained glass windows there...Beauty
is reverence in a softly whispered prayer.

This is a poem written by my Grandmother, Maude G. Booth. I will share often as her words are a treasured legacy and inspiration!


  1. Love it Terri. And you know that once things settle down here we'll be out to see you. I have 3 daycare kids for the summer and they are older so it will be perfect to come and see you and "help". It's awesome that you wrote here. TOTALLY YOU KNOW!!! :o)
    Take care and can't wait to have dinner on Wednesday. It's way past time. And thank you for bringing me goodness to get rid of this crap.
    Blessings my friend!

    1. I miss your visits with the kids and it will be fun to have yours and their company and giggles around again. Yes it was good for me to write here again. A self proclamation is always a good thing.
      See you Wednesday and look forward to the chat. Hugs.