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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gaia the "Dirtbox"

Gaia is our "dirtbox" know like a "sandbox". Well that's how I like to think of it.

She provides it ALL in such simple ways. A place to play, work, grow, learn and share and....
I feel so grounded and connected when I am in the dirt of our Great Mother. I am a gardener and my raised beds are like a grown-up version of the sandbox I played in as a child.

Remember playing in your sandbox when you were a child? For me, it was as if I became "one" with the sand and the box and nothing else mattered. I know I was content for hours there. It's that same feeling I get when in Gaia's "dirtbox".

I think that we should be more mindful while we play or work in our "dirtbox".  Lets become revitalized, rejuvenated with Her energy. And like in our sandbox where we played as children, lets create. Lets build something together.

From this "dirtbox", this place where we live...our home... is the perfect place to tap into and access all the gifts Gaia has to offer...for all that we need.

Ok, so what is this all about? Everything and anything.
Lets pretend that each and every grain of dirt in our "dirtbox" is something hugely important. Something so special and important that we will want to add it to our collection of "wise ways".

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